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The Rooftop Worker – Safety & Access training course has been specifically crafted to ensure the safety of individuals engaged in activities on flat roofs. This initiative establishes a comprehensive framework to promote consistency and relevance in both training and assessment.

In partnership with the Telecommunications industry's "Mast and Tower Safety Group," this program recognises the fundamental knowledge and skills essential for tasks such as climbing fixed ladders, accessing flat rooftops, utilizing personal fall protection equipment, maintaining safety while on the roof, and understanding rescue protocols.

Tailored to cover the minimum training and assessment requirements for individuals involved in safe rooftop work, this scheme aligns with the relevant regulations outlined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Furthermore, it is universally applicable across various industries.

The Rooftop Worker – Safety & Access scheme is a one-day course, which encompasses a thorough evaluation of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, with the following units being covered:
Course Details
1 day

The Rooftop Worker – Safety & Access scheme is designed to support the safety of those individuals who access and work on flat roofs. It provides a framework to support consistency and relevance in training provision and assessment of competence.

Course Aim:
To provide enough practical skills and knowledge that candidates can work at height safely as well as rescue an incapacitated climber.

Understanding legislation and safety standards
Managing common hazards
Assessing risk
Using harnesses
Using fall arrest lanyards
Using fixed fall arrest and restraint systems
Using work positioning lanyards or similar equipment
Selecting appropriate anchor points
Setting up and using temporary work restraint systems
Working with edge protection systems
Using additional fall protection equipment
Consideration of emergencies and rescue arrangements
Suspension syncope awareness
Lifting and lowering kit
Demonstrating climbing techniques on fixed ladders

Reasonable level of health, fitness and aptitude.

Max. Ratio: 
6 Delegates to 1 instructor.

Certification Expiry: 
The certificate is valid for 3 year.
Throughout the course, the student will be continually assessed and expected to complete a written and practical examination.

Only on successful completion of the whole course and examination will the candidate be issued with a certificate / card.

This course is designed and delivered in accordance with Energy & Utility Skills Register  and MATS requirements utilising BS8454 (code of practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue).

For more information on the MATS: Rooftop Worker – Safety & Access please refer to the Energy & Utility Skills Register Website.
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