IRATA Level 1 Rope Access Training

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IRATA Is The Leading Worldwide 
Organisation For Rope Access

It promotes high standards and practices within the rope access industry.

It is dedicated to the protection of individuals working within rope access, and is continually promoting advancements in education and training in all aspects of rope access.

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Course Duration: 

6 Days

All Personnel who wish to operate within the rope access industry.
Course Aim:  

IRATA Level 1 will provide knowledge and training in the safe use and inspection of rope access equipment.

To be able to complete a range of rope access techniques under the supervision of an IRATA level three.


Theoretical knowledge of rope access with regard to safe use of equipment and techniques. This will include an understanding of risk assessments and method statements.
An understanding and practical application of rigging techniques and appropriate knots.
Safely carrying out a range of rope access manoeuvres.
Climbing on structures using work positioning and fall arrest techniques.
Rescue of an incapacitated rope access worker to ground level.
Course Instructor: 

The course is run by renowned IRATA level 3T trainers with vast experience of running courses worldwide.

Pre-training requirements: 

Medical Questionnaire, 18 years of age.

Maximum Instructor to student ratio: 


Period of valid certification: 

3 years


The course is assessed on day six by an independent IRATA assessor.
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